Keeping on top of your e-mails

October 1, 2017

As business owners and managers, you will undoubtedly get lots of emails, many need a reply but even more just need to be read and noted. We have spent time with some of our client’s recently setting up a new process for emails. Some of the things we have recommended and implemented are:


• Don’t have your emails open all the time – set specific time in your diary to look at emails – depending on your business and the structure this may be half an hour in the morning or a couple of days a week. You will find that dealing with your emails in bulk will save you time. When you are working on a specific piece of important work it is very distracting to have a notification pop up advising of a new email – it is more than likely junk but it will still cause a distraction. Spending an allocated time dealing with emails will mean you are more productive.


• Use folders – set up sub folders within your inbox for each project, supplier, customer, etc. Once you have read and dealt with or replied to your email move it into the given folder. Just leave those that need further action in your inbox, you then have a simple list of those that need action without it being cluttered. This also means that if you need to find an email at a later date you can go the appropriate folder and just conduct a search of that folder, rather than the whole inbox, again much quicker.


• If you receive an email that requires a reply by say Friday, drag it to your diary for Thursday – you will then have the time allocated to deal with the reply.


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